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Nearly 4 children in every UK class are now likely to have a mental health difficulty - and the problem is growing. It's also a little known fact that children's well-being in parts of Cambridgeshire is amongst the very worst in the country.

Without specialist support, vulnerable children can go on to develop mental illnesses and anti-social behaviours, which puts huge pressures on local services and costs our community dear.

Blue Smile is a Cambridgeshire children's charity which provides counselling and support in schools to help children fulfil their true potential and have happier childhoods. It can quite simply be life-changing.
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School Head Teacher: "Observations of our pupils post therapy or mentoring shows that we have children who are able to maintain friendships ... They increase their social circle ... that impacts on their emotional wellbeing and their happiness levels, increases their chances of academic achievement, and increases their prospects for the future".

We are a British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Organisational Member www.bacp.co.uk

Innovate Cultivate

Blue Smile provides a whole school approach for mental wellbeing, with both its extensive menu of services aimed at teachers, heads and groups of school staff, and 1:1 counselling and therapy for children aged 3 to 13.
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We work in a number of Cambridgeshire schools and provide many opportunities for placements and career progression.
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Blue Smile helps companies build vital links with the local community and fulfil corporate social responsibilities while providing highly rewarding experiences.
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Cambridgeshire County Council
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Our Outcome Measures

95% of parents say that their child's problems improved because of Blue Smile
83% of children with very worrying mental health issues improved
88% of teachers say that Blue Smile children improve in the classroom

At a time of drastic service cuts, we rely on individual and corporate fundraising and donations. Without this, children simply won't get the help they need to turn their lives around.

There are many fun ways to get involved which are not only personally satisfying but which make a vital contribution to the children in your local community.
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Help us make a lifetime of difference to a vulnerable child by supporting Blue Smile's work today.

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