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Why we need your help

We rely on fundraising and corporate donations to deliver our service at a time when public cuts make other service provision and funding streams uncertain. Without such financial support, children struggling with emotional and mental health difficulties are unlikely to get the kind of help they need to turn their lives around. Currently nearly half of UK children with a clinically diagnosable mental health problem receive no specialist support at all.

Value for money

In addition to the money we receive in donations, we benefit from a volunteering programme that includes counselling students and pro bono services. Every piece of funding that comes in is therefore ‘value added’ because it is matched by volunteering and services in kind.

A Funding Wish List

Despite low running costs, we need your support to maintain an effective service. These are some ways you can help:

  • Art Materials:

  • Art Materials:

  • Support clinical excellence:

  • Sponsor a child:
  • Adopt a school:
  • £25 buys a box of instruments to help children express strong feelings musically
  • £75 buys all the art materials needed by Blue Smile in one school for a whole year
  • £150 provides a year's worth of training for a counsellor or therapist to ensure clinical excellence
  • £500 provides two terms of therapeutic support for a vulnerable child
  • £5,000 subsidises a year's work in a school

For further information on other funding requirements, please contact: info@bluesmile.org.uk

Blue Smile Ambassadors and Friends

Our Ambassadors are vital in spreading the word about the work we do and in raising funds in a way that fits in with their lives. Ambassadors receive e-news of progress and events and have regular get-togethers when they can meet up with like-minded people.

Through all sorts of fundraising events, Ambassadors can do something completely different and have fun, while at the same time knowing that they are making a valuable contribution to the local community.

Our Friends are a crucial group who follow our progress through our newsletter, support our events and consider us when making charitable donations.

To find out more about becoming a Blue Smile Ambassador or Friend, please contact info@bluesmile.org.uk, or telephone 01223 314725.

Blue Smile marketing and publicity

Part of our mission is to spread the word about the mental health problems facing children and young people and about the ways Blue Smile is trying to address these. If you can help us place stories or publicise our work, please contact: info@bluesmile.org.uk or telephone 01223 314725.

Fundraising events

Events can not only be a crucial source of funds, but can also be challenging and fun. Many weird and wonderful fundraising ideas have been suggested and the following are just a few:

  • Dressing up/dressing down days – bad taste days
  • Your own ‘Come Dine with Me’
  • Golf competition
  • Swishing – clothes swapping parties
  • Punt bumps
  • Create a cookbook with friends
  • Duck races
  • Book sales
  • Job swaps for the day
  • Guess the weight of the newborn baby
  • Speed dating

We can give you many more suggestions, so do contact us for details. Alternatively, if you have an idea for an event yourself, we’d love to hear from you and will give you all the support we can.

Please contact our fundraising department at info@bluesmile.org.uk

Make a lifetime of difference to a vulnerable child by supporting Blue Smile's work in schools. To make a donation click the button below:

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