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Tandem skydive - Vicki

When Amanda, the Blue Smile Project Director, first told us about the personal Challenge, I smiled quietly to myself. My personal circumstances had changed rather a lot over the previous year and I'd already been thinking I needed to do something for me - something that would push me to the limit and help me find myself again.
As a child I knew no fear, but as I got older my fear of heights became debilitating. Standing on the first rung of a ladder? No chance. Get on an escalator? Only if I have someone in front of me whom I can hold onto for dear life!
When I told friends and family I was going to do a charity tandem skydive as part of our company’s team, not one person believed I would do this as they knew my absolute terror of heights.

The Grant Thornton jump team
When Sunday 15 June arrived I couldn't physically speak I was that nervous!

Me and my instructor Guy - note my fixed fake smile!
But was it worth it? OH MY GOODNESS YES! I could not stop smiling for a week - and talk - boy did I make up for being so quiet in the lead up to the jump - I told the world what I had done - I was soooo proud - It was the scariest, most awesome, exhilarating experience of my life.

I did it!

So if you are facing a personal Challenge however big or small - you can do it - just believe in yourself - and trust me, when you achieve it - it sets you free and will inspire you to want to do more and more and more. Good luck,
Vic xx

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